Monday Morning

June 17, 2008

Monday mornings in the city are quiet. Well, after the first morning rush of all the business suits going to work – it gets amazingly quiet. Before the stores are open, before lunch but after breakfast, the streets are nearly empty, the sidewalks quiet with the occasional face popping up here and there.

It’s almost alarming to be able to hear your stilettos on the pavement going down the street. You can cross the street when the crosswalk is still red, you can walk slower without fear of annoying the person behind you. It’s almost extraordinary, you can breathe and think and feel so different in a place that is usually so busy and hectic and almost stifling.

It turns into a romantic city, one that allows you to pause and reflect on your life, almost like a quaint little Parisian neighborhood that conjures up black and white images of flocks of doves, couples on benches, and little old men sitting by themselves at little cafe tables with their canes and a cigarette.

It made me stop in vintage shops, try on adorable day dresses and eat lunch by myself on a patio in the gorgeous sun.

I love Monday mornings.

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