Four in the City

November 16, 2013

Life has changed since I’d been here last.

I’ve moved across the country from one metropolis to another. I’ve married. I have two kids. I’ve gained weight and no longer resemble a posh fashionista.

Yes, life has changed.

Reading these old posts, old stories, old tales of city living and party life, I don’t necessarily miss it, but I do look at it fondly. How I wish I still fit into that life – or rather, that old life could fit in with my new one somehow. To do that I would have to lose weight. I’d have to focus more on myself, and I feel so unorganized and scattered to do so.

Every chance I get to myself, I realise that everything around me is in disarray and that my to-do list is 20 items too long. Hopefully, one day soon, I’ll give myself a shake and become who I want to be again.

For now, it’s just four of us in the city.

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