Do or Don’t?

May 31, 2008

I need you to decide on a few do’s and don’t’s – all courtesy of the new Sex & The City movie – which I saw last night and LOVED beyond belief.

1. Carrie’s Eiffel Tower Purse

Carrie wore this purse in one of the first scenes with Big, when looking at real estate, and there’s been such a fuss about this bag that I’m not sure if I like it or not anymore. When I first saw the paparazzi pix, I thought it was a little tacky, then I saw the movie, and I almost liked it. Then I found out the price. $3000 by Timmy Woods, covered in Swarowski crystals, or $300 for a cheaper painted version (still a tad too expensive for my liking).

I’ve now seen copycats of it for under $100, which are even worse and tackier, and I’m not sure if it’s a do or a don’t. I mean, if the whole point of the bag, which again retails for $3000, is to be a status symbol for those who can afford and those who cannot (for which the $300 version is available), that’s awful. Do or don’t?

2. The Bird in Carrie’s Hair

Carrie’s wedding dress is gorgeous – no doubt that this Vivienne Westwood creation is drop dead gorgeous, even if I’m not the biggest fan of the bust, but that’s not what I’m questioning here. I’m not even questioning the makeup, the harsh red lip hue wasn’t even what was bothering me. Can you guess what I’m getting at?

The bird. The bird on her head. I read the Vogue article about the movie and they were saying that when she was trying on the dress that crazy bird was in the room for whatever reason. And they just happened to see it and decided to put it on her head. My theory is that Kim Catrall mentioned to Patricia Field that the bird would look amazing and the rest is history (ooh, catty comment).

Do or don’t?

3. Pajamas as Outerwear  Sparkley Hat

Carrie IS in her pajamas. Watch the movie, and you’ll understand the context of the situation (I don’t want to give anything away!). But listen, it’s one thing to be in pajamas and throw on a fur coat to run outside in the cold – but the hat? I mean seriously, the sparkly, flapper style hat? It doesn’t even serve a purpose, it won’t keep you warm, it doesn’t match with the outfit at all (okay, I know she never matches and that’s the whole point of this whole fashion business, but come on!), so tell me – do or don’t?