Dressed to…

June 12, 2008

When dressing up for an event, there are quite a few things to keep in mind to ensure you are not only the most fashionably late stunning girl (or boy) in the room, but that you’re also the envy of all the other fashionables around you.

1. Type of Event

Seems simple, but the exact type of the event will allow you to configure the exact style and accessories you should embody at the event. For instance, the grand opening at Tattoo Rock Parlour will encourage you to dress differently than at the grand opening of Lush. Both nightclubs, two entirely different themes. The event this time is an awards show after party at a posh supper club in downtown Toronto. Therefore I know to dress up, look unique and different with a bit of a superstar attitude thrown in.

2. Who Else is Going?

This is an absolute must. If Rachel over there who is always the most stunning girl in the room is going to the same party you’re going to, then you know you need to take it up a notch in some aspect of your outfit – hair, makeup, accessories, etc. You need to have one up against her. I know when I go out with one of my bff’s who has large breasts and skinny legs that I need to wear something that draws more attention to my sexy hourglass figure. Or in a room full of blondes, it makes me ecstatic to know I’m the dark brunette in the limelight, all eyes are definitely on me.

3. Go All The Way

Whatever you decided your look will be for the night (glam, posh, rocker chic, bimbo) you have to go all the way with it to make a real impact. So what if you have the hottest pink clutch in the room, if you’re wearing a black ensemble you’ll look boring and drab and the most interesting thing about you will be that purse. Don’t toy with an over the top glamazon dress and then pull your hair back demurely, also, don’t be afraid to mix and match and take chances. If you are bionically blessed like SJP and a size 0 who can pull off a tutu with a plain tank top, do it, top it off with pearls and hot shoes and wild hair. And also, don’t think you can wear a boring outfit and spice it up with the shoes – because, although your shoes are hot and they may be bright blue, no one will notice your shoes unless they’re right in front of them. Wear the blue shoes with a purple dress and call it a night, that’ll get someone’s attention.

4. Confidence

You are the hottest girl in the room – no! the building – no! the planet! Tell yourself this over and over. When I go somewhere and I’m stressing about my outfit (it could even be a job interview) I take 4 pictures of myself from all angles (behind, side, etc) – that’s what the 10 sec automatic picture taking option is on there for ladies! Sometimes a mirror is not enough (how many times have you looked at pictures of yourself from an event only to notice the top is see-thru and you really didn’t want it to be? or that your pants gave you the worst cameltoe ever?). Take the pictures, look at them, and if you’re happy with what you got – let yourself know. Repeat to yourself like a mantra, I am hot, I am sexy, and pull your shoulders as far back as possible, stick your breasts out, hold your head up high and NEVER look back – not even when someone’s tapping on your shoulder. You’re too busy, too hot, and too sexy to ever look back.

And now you know how to dress to kill – or whatever it is women in sexy stilettos dress up for when they go out.