Heat makes you…

June 8, 2008

The heat this weekend was hot. Around 35 celsius or 86 f. It was hot, we all got sunburnt outside today, patio hopping with my bf and my dog (who was asked to sit outside of the patio at all times, sad).

When we came inside from the heat, we discovered our air conditioner wasn’t working very well…. the heat does crazy things to your head – to your body. You just want to lay there, and when you lay there, and your body is full of wine, your head full of silly ideas, you start getting horny.

You start having sex in weird places, like the kitchen, for no apparent reason except it feels good at the time. And doing nothing and having sex is great for relationships.

Lingerie is as well.

So I’m extremely happy that my new Victoria’s Secret thong made its’ debut during kitchen sex, and that we finished our sex with a huge water fight from the tap.

What’s a better way to cool down?